How to get things done

July 26, 2020


It won’t get done if you don’t write it down. Motivation is for starting things, discipline is for getting things done.


Whether it’s dishes you need to do or that recurring thought that you’d like to read more, we’ve all struggled with getting things done. If not, I doubt you’d be reading this :^)

To me, the lack of motivation and memory are the blockers of progress.


My rule for memory is that it won’t get done if I don’t write it down. It sounds easy but I repeatedly fall into the trap that a task is simple enough to remember. I put my glass bottle of water in the freezer to chill it for a few minutes. I naively thought I would remember to take it out and you guessed it… I forgot it till the next day and it exploded.

broken glass bottle
RIP my beautiful bottle

I just use Google Tasks to set reminders and have check boxes for the pleasure of crossing items out.


My philosophy is motivation is for starting things, discipline is for getting things done. I use a couple tricks to help me with this:

One of my proudest accomplishments is developing the discipline to practice Japanese everyday for at least half an hour for 11 months now.

There’s no secret to getting things done, but hopefully these ideas help you push yourself!